You are currently viewing Halloween Spirit Week!  (Oct. 24-31)

Halloween Spirit Week! (Oct. 24-31)

Halloween Spirit Week!  (Oct. 24-31)

Excelsior students will be jumping into the holiday spirit (Spirits! Yikes!) throughout this week. 

Monday, October 24: Fall fever day, Students will be wearing colors of fall, such as orange, brown, or yellow.

Tuesday, October 25: Hat day, with Excelsior students wearing Halloween hats, whether that of wizards, witches, or other spooky hats.

Wednesday, October 26: Scary movie day, with students wearing t-shirts or other clothing depicting their favorite scary movies (mine is the original 1978 thriller Halloween)

Thursday, October 27: Trick or Treat! Students will bring their favorite treats to share with each other. Yum! But watch out for those scary cavities!

Friday, October 28: Sports day! Students will wear clothing depicting their favorite sports team, because there’s nothing scarier than seeing your favorite team possibly lose!

Monday, October 31: Costume day. Students (and some spooky faculty and staff) will wear costumes. Let’s see who’s the spookiest! (or at least the most entertaining!)

Happy Halloween everyone!

Maple Leaf
Spooky Hat
Halloween Day

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