Admissions Policy

Excelsior School admits students of any color, racial or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities accorded to students at the school. Excelsior does not discriminate on the basis of color, race, ethnic origin or religious affiliation with regard to the administration of its education policies, admissions policies and scholarship and aid programs.

Entrance requirements are based on intellectual ability, personal character, and a demonstrated willingness to learn. The specific criteria for admission to Excelsior School include:

  • Report cards or transcripts
  • Written recommendations from teacher/counselor/principal
  • Placement exam scores
  • Completed application form

Excelsior School is first and foremost a community with an unparalleled academic program that seeks to educate future leaders. The Admission Committee selects students who possess character, scholarship, an interest in belonging to a vigorous and diverse community, and a willingness to share extracurricular talents or abilities.

Of course, the best predictor of academic success is past performance combined with a clear understanding of academic expectations. Through teacher and personal recommendations, a current transcript, a personal interview, and student essays, the Admissions Committee seeks to assess a student’s capacity to thrive in the Excelsior environment. We also use standardized testing to support our assessment of student academic ability and potential. Students with special talents should not hesitate to submit portfolios or videos of independent work or activities.


Step One: Parent/Guardian Application Form

Complete the application.

Include application fee of $75. ($150 for international students)

Attach color photo. (2x2)

Step Two: Teacher Recommendations

Choose two current/recent academic teachers to fill out the recommendation forms.

Print teacher and applicant’s name on the recommendation.

Give forms to applicant’s teachers with pre-addressed stamped envelopes.

Step Three: Personal Reference (optional)

Choose someone who knows your child to fill out the personal reference. We suggest a neighbor, family friend or non-academic teacher.

Print applicant’s name on the personal reference form.

Give form to person of your choice with a preaddressed stamped envelope.

Step Four: Transcript Release

Give the Authorization Transcript Release Form to an official at your child’s school with a pre-addressed stamped envelope.

Include transcripts from the current year and the two previous years.

Step Five: Immunization Records

Copy of student's immunization records.

Step Six: Financial Support Documents (Foreign Student Only)

Provide evidence that you have sufficient funds to support yourself or support from your family (such as Certificate of deposit)

Transfer Students

Transfer students who plan to graduate from Excelsior School will be held responsible for school graduation requirements. Course work completed outside the school will be evaluated to determine whether or not credit will be awarded. To receive a diploma from Excelsior School, a transfer student must meet the graduation requirements and have earned fifty credits Excelsior School. The transfer student must also be enrolled in the school granting the diploma in the semester of graduation. Honors courses taken in another school must correlate with Excelsior School honors courses in order for weighted credit to be awarded.


New students entering Excelsior School from another school will be classified based on the number of credits they have earned from the previous school.

Graduation Classifications

Credits earned when school open in Fall
Senior More than 150
Junior More than 100 less than 150
Sophmore More than 150 less than 100
Freshman Fewer than 50

Tuition & Fees

Excelsior School is a small, independent boarding high school that offers a rigorous, college-preparatory education. School depends upon prompt payment of tuition, rather than government subsidies. Excelsior committed to keeping our school as affordable as possible, while at the same time providing a quality education.

2018-2019 Academic Year

Application Fee (New Students Only)
Domestic Student $75
International Student $150
Day Student (Domestic Student Only)
Domestic Student $14,200
Other Fees
Registration Fee $100
Student I.D. $10
Yearbook Fee (Option) $70
Material/Printing Fee $250
Graduation Fee (Seniors Only) $180
Locker Rental Fee $40
Book Rental Fee $400
Science/Computer Lab Fee $500
Uniform Fee $300
Boarding Student
Tuition & Boarding Fee
Domestic Student $32,800
International Student $38,500
Included following services and fees:
17 Meals Per Week
Weekday After School Homework Assistant
Registration Fee
Student I.D.
Locker Rental Fee
Health Insurance (Foreign Students Only)
Dormitory Application Fee

Disclaimer: Tuition and fees are subject to change at any time at the discretion of Excelsior School.

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