Excelsior School assists students to find Homestay. The Homestay experience offers International Students who want to better their lives by furthering their education. Homestays are ideal for students who are looking for temporary or long-term housing with a local family. Students will usually share the bathroom with the host family. Private bathrooms can be requested. (based on availability and not guaranteed). Host families usually provide breakfast and dinner on weekdays and three meals over the weekend.  Transpiration to school will be provided by host family.

Becoming a registered and approved host with Excelsior School, please complete host family application form.

Students choose to live with a host family, please complete Off Campus Housing Homestay Application form and email back to [email protected].

Host Family 1

There are 5 bedrooms, each room has its own bathroom.  There is a family room and a living room, and there are always some kids around  the house and it’s a very lively place. 

Host Family 2

  1. One space available
  2.  One student per room
  3. furnished with a queen bed, closet, dresser, table and chair as well as table lights.

Host Family 3

  1. Two spaces available
  2. Two student share a room.
  3. Single rooms will be available by end of February 

Host Family 4

  1. Four spaces available
  2. Bed rooms are next to the living room
  3. Locate in temple city

Host Family 5

  1. Single or double occupancy rooms are available
  2. Furnished with queen or full-size bed, bedside table, desk and chair.