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Excelsior School offers students ample opportunity to polish their leadership skills both in and out of the classroom. We provide activities and organizations that encourage the students to share their time and talent with the community and to help make the world a better place. Leadership skills are developed through Academic Organizations, Athletics and Extracurricular Activities. Additional activities are added as student interest presents itself.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.


Excelsior School encourages students to participate in student activities as a way of fostering and promoting their leadership abilities and their talents in specific areas of interest. The Activities Director works with all student leaders and moderators to ensure the overall success of this program.


Every student registered at Excelsior is a member of the Associated Student Body (ASB). As a member of ASB, each student has the responsibility to function as a conscientious citizen by supporting worthwhile projects initiated by the student council, and by entering into the process of selecting qualified members of student government.


At Excelsior, we believe that a successful Student Council is integral to nurturing responsible, collaborative, and proactive young people. The Student Council aims to build a sense of community and strength within the school by complementing the school’s mission to widen students’ horizons, build confidence and independence and encourage excellence. The Student Council consists of the following elected members who must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average to be eligible: ASB Officers, Class Officers, and Class Presidents.

Community Services

Excelsior School feels strongly that students should be educated in the area of community service. As part of their academic experience, students need to be made aware of the importance of community service in their personal lives.

Volunteer work presents a great opportunity for teenagers to prepare for the future, as well as to improve their communities. Community services encourage students to embrace responsibility for their actions and to have a positive impact, through their activities, on the school, the local community, and the world. Students who volunteer often may have an advantage over their peers when headed off to college.

Students at Excelsior School have a long and proud tradition of participation with community service activities. Excelsior School students are required to complete a minimum of 100 hours of community service throughout their high school years. Each year, Excelsior students should complete approximately 25 hours of service. Students who are not enrolled at Excelsior for all four years will have their hours adjusted.

Our school and local community have been blessed with this unselfish generosity of time and energy performed voluntarily by our students toward the benefit of others.


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