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学费支付 学费和账单支付选项 您的 Excelsior 学费账单可以亲自、通过支票、汇票、银行电汇或授权第三方支付。 不接受电话付款。 亲自缴费 您可以亲自到行政办公室缴费。 通过邮件支付费用 支票或汇票付款可邮寄至: Excelsior School 41 W Santa Clara St. Arcadia, CA. 91007 请在支票或汇票上输入您的姓名。 通过电汇支付费用 有关电汇说明,请发送电子邮件至 [email protected]. 国际支付 Excelsior School 已与 PayMyTuition 签约,为学生提供管理国际学费支付和账户余额的工具。…

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Previous Next Our Programs Excelsior School is a college preparatory school in Arcadia, California. We were established in 1986. We currently have grades 9-12. Excelsior offers small group learning and…

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Veterans Day

Veterans Day

This Friday, students will have no school at Excelsior in honor of Veteran’s Day. Sometimes we have the day off for some official federal holiday but don’t understand what precisely…

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